Parenthood is a miraculous experience, but please ignore all the stress due to tantrums and all the demands of the kids 😊. But if I talk about motherhood, most of the females will accept the fact that yes it is a life-changing experience for a woman. Nourishing a life in your womb will change your perspective towards life and will make you a different person with a great flow of emotions and maturity.

Giving birth is always a tiring affair, no matter what kind of delivery you had, either a Normal delivery or a C-Section. The female body, as well as the mind, will have to face loads of changes be it hormonal, emotional, or physical which are very stressful and overwhelming. I even experienced so many hormonal, physical, and emotional changes.

During both of my pregnancies, I worked full time and took leaves at the peak time only. After giving birth the first thought that came to my mind was “How am I going to manage all this?” Work, kids, and health everything was looking so much challenging to me. Despite the presence of my parents by my side and a supporting husband, nothing seems perfect to me. I am sure, lots of you can easily relate to your situation and the circumstances.


“THE GREATEST SECRET”, a book by Rhonda Byrne

The Greatest Secret Book by Rhonda Byrne- Outer cover of the book

If you abide in this state of acceptance, you create no more negativity, no more suffering, no more unhappiness. You then live in a state of nonresistance, a state of grace and lightness, free of struggle.

Eckhart Tolle, from The Power of Now

This is one of the listed quotes in the book which grabbed my attention and increased my interest more to understand the deep meaning.

I have read all the books by Ronda B. Her first book “Secret” in 2006 was a great hit and one of the most inspiring books as well. I have been waiting for the greatest Secret as apparently, it is also one of the prestigious works done by Ronda.

The look of the book is amazing and it will melt your heart to buy it. Extra beautiful design with engravings and the calligraphy texts. If you believe in Positive energies around you then this book is for you. If you have trust in the inner voice then this book is for you.

This book is more of a mixture of ideas and thoughts from The Secret and The Power. It has 256 pages total (although, the last 20 of them are about the Teachers featured). The book has several quotes from famous authors and teachers. At the end of every chapter, you will find the summary for the quick run.

Reading the greatest secret is a treat to your eyes. It has a beautiful cover that will never let you touch it while eating:-). Its beauty adds more value to its words and concept. From the beginning itself, it will engross you in the content. Trust me if you have faith in Inner strength, positivity, and external supreme power you will going to like this book. I am a big fan of Rhonda’s books and they all have great learning for me and I am still learning from them.

“I found a joy within me that has never disappeared, not for a single moment. That joy is in everyone, always.”

Byron Katie, from A Thousand Names for joy

The Greatest Secret is full of amazing quotes from various other authors as well. It will help you to connect more with the book as it has various discussions by profound writers and life coaches.

This book is available in hardcover as well as in kindle edition. I would recommend going for the hardcover else you will not like the book as well it will give a great feeling when The greatest secret book will be in your hand.

You can purchase the book from Amazon, and other book stores. You can read the reviews of the other books on my profile.


Sauce – An American diner giving 1950’s vibes in 2021?

Ever thought of teleportation while staying in Dubai to a 1950’s American restaurant. Sounds fascinating and exciting to our taste buds.

Sauce, is of its kind a newly opened American diner based on the 1950’s era. Situated at the wonderful location of Al Habtoor city near Hotel V has its unique concept and interior. When you will reach the place you will be amazed to see the waitresses dressed up in cute Red and Turquoise retro dresses. The Interior looks super cozy and comfy with the floor in black and white stripes.

Lovely wall art at the entrance of Sauce

This post will not be complete if I will not mention the desserts which give a great sense of old American water watering options. American cheesecake, apple pie, peach cobbler, and banana split are amazing options. This post will not be complete if I will not mention the desserts which give a great sense of old American water watering options. American cheesecake, apple pie, peach cobbler, and banana split are amazing options.

Try out Sauce at AL Habtoor city. To know more about it watch the reel

Few great features of this Restaurants:

  • The Great value for money menu makes you nostalgic with its Salads, Hotdogs, Sandwiches, Slides, Pizza, Ice creams, and Shakes.
  • One plate of hotdog comes with 2 sets of french fries with drinks that can be easily shared by 2 people.
  • They have pet-friendly outdoor which will give you a sitting area for smoking as well.
  • This home-grown first of its kind of restaurant in Business bay offers various varieties of Mocktails and Shakes.
  • Hotdogs, Bread & Mac cheeses are fast-moving and amazingly delicious items.
  • Sauce has a variety of 20 different sauces created by their own chef with a twist in taste such as black Mamba, Tahini mustard, blue cheese Mayo, Garlic & onion sauce.
  • They accept all Debit cards and credit cards.
  • Al Habtoor residents can avail of 10% discounts on the bill.
  • They have a variety for health-conscious people as well such as Grill steak, Grill salmon, etc.
Cotton Candy Shake at Sauce

You can plan your quick lunch or dinner here with your best buddies. Don’t worry if you have kids, they have great options under the kids’ menu as well. So, in total it is a family’s quick bites place where you can go even in your pajamas and after meal take a nice evening walk by the side of the canal and enjoy the night view of the Habtoor city.

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Have you visited “Saya Brasserie Cafe” – A Pretty Pink Paradise.

UAE is doing wonders in terms of controlling the covid and the vaccination execution for the residents. Almost everything is open but with all the required precautions of wearing masks and distancing. During a pandemic, we didn’t step out for any outside eating or gathering due to various reasons including young kids at home.

This weekend we decided to go out for some quick bite but none of us wanted to go to any of the places we visited earlier. We were looking for something cozy, near to our place and of course good food and delicious desserts. I heard about Saya Brasserie Cafe a lot but never got a chance to visit it. Earlier we were new to Dubai, so it was a settling period and then Pandemic. So, the venue was decided and it took us less than 10 mins to reach that place from my place.

Getting parking near the Saya Brasserie Cafe was easy but unexpectedly Cafe was not empty. We entered the place and the first reaction of my husband was “OMG, it is overly cute, am I allowed, or is it only for ladies?”. My reaction was wow I can click many pictures for my Instagram :-). Yes, it was Cute, Sassy, Pretty, and Pink all over everywhere. The whole place is picture-perfect for Instagram.

This is one of the portion at Saya Brasserie Cafe

The Cafe is divided into two portions one is full of Pink and white flowers which will give you a feeling of the great spring season and the other portion is in pastel shades with a hint of white, green, and black paintings and setup.

The ambiance and interior is beautiful in this Cafe
Watch this reel to get a glimpse of the Saya Brasserie cafe

I would like to describe the menu a bit more. They have a good range of Soups, Salads, and an amazing collection of desserts. The unique part of the collection was the theme which is equally in sync with the ambiance. They have various pink-colored dishes such as volcano fries, Signature Avocado, The ultimate benedict.

Moreover, the range of desserts were amazing and mouthwatering. We tried Cascading rose which was made out of Vanilla, Rose Ganache and 1 was enough for two persons. Rates for all the dishes were pocket-friendly.

Points to remember:

  • You will not find much options for vegetarian eaters only few Salads, soups and Desserts were sumptious.
  • Limited food options for the Vegans at Saya Brasserie cafe.
  • It will be good if you book your table in advance because it get overcrowed during peak hours and especially in weekeds.
  • Additionaly, dress nicely if you want to click few pics for Instagram :-). They have nice picture points.
  • They accept cards and cash. Zomato gold or any kind of membership doesn’t work on weekends.
  • Locations: Al Wasl, City Walk, Palm Jumeirah, The Pointe.

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Eating in the age of dieting – A book by Rujuta Diwekar

Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Westland
Author: Rujuta Diwekar
Rating: 4.5/5

Eating in the age of dieting”, What? Wow, this title is everything for me to convince myself to spend money to purchase this book from the airport during my visit to India. I was going to spend my maternity leaves in India after giving birth to my second baby. Yes, you read it right. A mother of 2 kids with her postpartum weight who loves to eat and try different cuisines and suddenly saw the book with this title. Oops! Its bang hit the right nerve. 

Immediately bought it without any second thought and finished it during my 8 hours of journey from Dubai to India. When I finished the book, took a deep breath, and started feeling relaxed and happy. This book is not like the regular weight loose books I saw in the various bookstores.

The wellness coach behind the adores of Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan noticed a simple change in our consumption patterns — in a bid to eat well, and stay strong, khichdi was surpassing smoothies. And it seems to be advocating only one point – for food low key is everything.

A page from the book “Eating in the Age of Dieting” with few note worthy points

What I liked about the book:

  • Very easy, simple, and understandable language with various info graphs.
  • Rujuta is putting more emphasis on eating local and seasonal which most of us know is the key but do not follow under the influence of the packaged food.
  • She didn’t force her to stop eating sugar, rice, sweets, etc. but everywhere she mentioned to use the correct form of sugar, jaggery.
  • She emphasizes regular exercises, yoga, and walks along with gym visits on regular basis.
  • Liked the way she gave real-life examples to explain the benefits of the various not-so-known food items and delicacies.
  • Easy to make and follow diet and recipes are shared in the book.


In conclusion, it is a worth buying book for anyone who has a belief in eating locally and avoid a fad diet. Importantly, all the recipes and tips mentioned in the book can be easily followed. Highly recommended for those who believe to be fitter and healthier and losing weight is not the only goal for them. In short, I am insisting all of you read this book and follow as much you can because the methods mentioned here are convenient.

You can buy the book from Amazon and it is present in Kindle as well.


Travel technology trends to look forward post Covid

As the travel and tourism industry waits patiently for a revival post the Covid-led crisis, I see the role of technology to be amplified in a major way. Technology, like in many other industries – health-tech, edu-tech, etc. will transform the travel journey end-to-end. And more than anything, the temporary reset is a great opportunity for innovators to reimagine and redefine travel to create value propositions for both customers and the industry players.

Travel bloggers planning for a trip
Travel bloggers planning for a trip

As I gaze into 2021 and beyond, I see some clear trends emerging in the space of travel personalization and the role of technology to drive the focus on customer-centricity.

Customers want what’s relevant to them at the right time and in the right context. And from an industry’s perspective, the complex nature and various stages of travel planning are hardly customer-centric at all. People go to different platforms to be inspired (Instagram), search for information (TripAdvisor), and then, once they decide, book on other platforms (Booking, Expedia, etc.). The fragmented travel planning is an area that I see is ripe for technology disruption. And an area that we, at trippal, are intentionally focused upon – reimagining the customer decision journey process and building POCs on an AI-based cognitive context-based recommender system with support from industry partners like Dubai Tourism via Intelak.

Young happy man in vr goggle enjoying virtual travel and touching new three dimension reality
Young happy man in vr goggle enjoying virtual travel and touching new three dimension reality

Another area that I am very enthusiastic about is the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and its ability to disrupt the travel landscape and redefine how we travel. Imagine not having to rely on images and reviews, which are more often sponsored by the property than not, and being able to virtually walk through accommodation. You get to check out real-time all that the hotel has on offer for its guests! Companies are working on great AR concepts to give customers entire tours of cities, and that too with an AR guide for the company.

High angle close up of unrecognizable woman paying via smart watch  and smartphone in local bakery, copy space
High angle close up of unrecognizable woman paying via smart watch and smartphone in local bakery, copy space

With Covid and the emphasis on safety, it’s not surprising to see the energy within the IoT, Internet of Things, space to solve the problems that have arisen with the need for contactless travel. Therefore, with the ‘devices’ getting ‘smarter’, responsiveness is more, and personalization is easier. The devices touch almost all aspects of our lives and help merge the physical and digital worlds. It’s the IoT that helps hotels connect pretty much everything in a hotel room from the lights to the air conditioning with one device.

And I see possibilities that IOT will help integrate the travel ecosystem as the concept of seamless – contactless travel needs to spur continuous innovation. Definitely what was a mere convenience till 2020 and has become critical to travel is contactless payment and services. Future technology hopes to tap into recognition technology to limit contact and make interactions more seamless. Be it accessing your room or settling bills, recognition technology will progressively tap into fingerprint, facial, and other biometric identifiers to move to a contactless experience.

In conclusion the innovation and the competition in the market, are making travel today, more efficient, affordable, and accessible for all. It’s an interesting space and time to be in today. And at trippal, we are increasingly investing resources to explore emerging technologies that can enable us to solve the customers’ pain points and unlock happiness in their lives.

Author Bio

Sushanta is a nomad at heart who loves to travel and experience diverse cultures across the globe. As the Founder & CEO of trippal, Sushanta’s vision is to interlink the dots of domestic travel in a way that has never been done before. To unlock happiness in people’s lives and allow them to create magical and memorable moments that lasts a life-time !
Professionally, his 23+ years of experience is an intersection of travel retail operations, business strategy, consumer-inspired creative thinking and technology. Education-wise, he has an MBA from Essec, Paris and an M.Sc of Business Analytics at NYU, New York. Apart from India, he has stayed and worked in Paris, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.


GOOD VIBES, GOOD LIFE – a book about Self love.

Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Hay House
Pages: 275
Author: Vex King

Front page of the Book - Good Vibes, Good Life
Front page of the Book – Good Vibes, Good Life

I have a long list of self-help books currently present in my Library (Not at all showing off :-)). I got attracted to this book of course because of its title and secondly, it is the first book by the Instagram guru “Vex King”. As mentioned earlier there are several self-help books around us written by various life coaches and business legends, but I found it a bit different because of its punchy and crispy content. I have no shame to commit that earlier this book I was not at all aware of the author Vex King.

A very nicely designed book, focussing on the concept of “Self Love“, aiming and claiming to improve your life better than your yesterday’s version.

Stop trying to impress people.
Impress yourself.
Stretch yourself.
Test yourself. 
Be the best version of you that you can be.

Vex’s define the Self – love as:

Self-love is the balance between accepting yourself as you are while knowing you deserve better, and then working towards it.

This initial part of the book was extremely engrossing and equally connecting at the same time. To my surprise like a few other writers, he was not only focussing on his book but he mentioned various famous books and what else we can learn from them. He mentioned the law of Attraction from the book The Secret. “Kudos to Mr. Vex for this”.

This book is divided into various small parts and each part has been presented well with the various real-life examples and the inspiring quotes. Let’s have a glimpse at the various parts of the Book:

  • Part 1: A Matter of Vibes
  • Part 2: Positive Lifestyle Habits
  • Part 3: Make Yourself A Priority
  • Part 4: Accepting Yourself
  • Part 5: Manifesting Goals: Mind Work
  • Part 6: Manifesting Goals: Taking ActionPart Seven: Pain and Purpose

This book focuses on lots of topics which you will find common in the other personal development or self- help books such as the Law of attraction, Law of vibrations, finding inspirations, choose between negative and positive people, body language, Self-Love, Inculcating good habits, good eating habits, changing your environment, work on your affirmations, understanding the subconscious mind, the power of thought and of course, setting goals. All these make this book a very easy to read, handy non- in addition to anybody’s bookshelf. You will find several wonderful and meaningful quotes, and they are easily creatively summarising the topics. Vex didn’t hesitate to give various examples from his own life and the learnings he received from them.

A lot has been discussed about the toxic relationships and the negative people in the book. The idea is that every relationship teaches you something in your life either it is good or bad but everything acts a great amount of learning for our life.

Simplify your circle of friends. Keep those who 
add value to your life; remove those who don't. 
Less is always more when your less means more. 

I like the thought of observing your behavior as well before complaining about the people around you and the surroundings. Always review your behavior and make an effort to change any that are toxic – towards yourself and others.


So, overall I found this book interesting and engaging but not great. In the beginning, he discussed various aspects and I got a feeling that he was revising my memory of various other self-improvement books. We all know it is great to change yourself and you’re through the process to achieve greatness in life and it all starts with your mindset. The idea of self-love is great but not fully discussed here from all the angles. However, this book is amazing in terms of giving greatly rememberable and shareable quotes. The author has a simple and nice style of writing. So, this book is great for the new beginners, If you haven’t read much about self-love, personal development, self-improvement, the law of attraction, etc.

Step out of your comfort zone and face your fears.
Growth takes place when you are challenged,
not when you are comfortable.

I would give 3.5 / 5 stars to this book. You can order this book from Amazon. You canread the reviews about the various other books at my page Books.


Is the charisma of the Full-Time MBA is fading these days?

Somebody asked my uncle “hey buddy, now your son is graduated with flying colors. So, what’s next in his basket? Why don’t you tell him to go for an MBA from an Elite-B school? its very trending and will shower money like anything”.

These questions forced me to put on my thinking cap again if doing a Full-time MBA is fruitful, or it’s fading day by day?

The registration for various prestigious B-schools normally open worldwide once a year, and candidates start the rat race once again to secure the coveted seat. But a question? Do Do you think this costly degree is well enough to survive in the fast pace scenario?

Looking for a competitive superiority is an obsession for those beholding to do the MBA; several students burn their midnight oil to push their applications to the top of the pile.
Let’s first understand the different types of MBA programs we can get these days. Yes, different kinds of MBAs all thanks to the resources and the marketing done by the B-schools.

Full-time MBA or Regular MBA: Full-time MBAs include a full course load, similar to undergraduate degrees. Part-time MBA: Part-time MBAs typically evening classes so students can maintain a consistent day job. Online MBA: An online MBA allows students to make their own schedule while studying from home. Executive MBA (EMBA): It is a good fit for experienced professionals who want to earn a credential reflecting their business credibility and advance their career. Distance learning: You will get the study material from the colleges.

More than a decade of experience in this domain would like to share my thoughts. There are so many reasons which I have listed below which prove the death bells for the Full-time MBA Program may be coming closer:

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15 Most Romantic Places and Experiences in Dubai

Are you visiting Dubai with your significant other? This immensely popular Arabian city has some remarkable spots which are definite to take your romance to the next level. So whether you’re considering Dubai for your first ever date or celebrating your much-awaited anniversary or honeymoon, please take a look at our top picks of romantic places in Dubai.

At the Top, Burj Khalifa Duabi

A stunning view of Burj Khalifa from outside.
A stunning view of Burj Khalifa from outside.

The world’s tallest building is also one of the most romantic places in Dubai. Located right in the heart of Downtown Dubai it is most visited for its observation decks at 124th and 148th levels. This spot is worth a visit with your love of life. Following the multimedia presentation on Dubai’s past as well as the fastest ever elevator ride, be prepared to take in almost the entirety of the city and beyond, covering the glitzy cityscape, the ocean, and the desert. There also is a spacious outdoor patio that offers the most unobstructed city views.

The Dubai Fountain

A beautiful view of the Dubai Fountain at Dubai Mall
A beautiful view of the Dubai Fountain at Dubai Mall

It is one of the unmissable free romantic attractions in Dubai. Situated outside the Dubai Mall and with a direct view of Burj Khalifa. The Dubai Fountain on Burj Lake will win your heart with its mind-blowing water and light show. Fondly called the Dubai Dancing Fountain, this features the beautifully choreographed water show set in tune to your favorite Arabic, Bollywood, or western music tracks. It sprays water up to a height of more than 500 feet during the performance, making it the highest of its kind. It’s displayed every half an hour after 18:00 hrs.

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The Girl With The Louding Voice : Book Review

Genre: Fiction
Publisher:  Sceptre Books
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 4/5

Book Summary

Abi Dare’s new debut novel, “The Girl with the Louding Voice,” is compendious, Engaging, and very powerful. A powerful, emotional book in the unforgettable voice of a young Nigerian girl trapped in a life of slavery and bondage, which is exceptionally determined to fight for her dreams and goals. The story is based in Nigeria, and we all know that Nigeria and various other countries underdeveloped and developing countries have so many women suffering from poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance. Nigeria is a country located in West Africa. You can experience several verses of the tribal lives in this book. 

“Adunni” was the center of this book, which is 14 years old Nigerian girl who narrates her own story. Adunni’s mother has told her to stand for herself and her dreams, and to do it; she has to raise her voice if needed. The only thing she wants in life is Education, and she never stopped dreaming about it despite several ups and downs and the challenges she faced in her life the entire book. 

About the Author

Abi Daré grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and has lived in the UK for eighteen years. She studied law at the University of Wolverhampton and has an M.Sc. in International Project Management from Glasgow Caledonian University as well as an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck University of London. The Girl with the Louding Voice won The Bath Novel Award for unpublished manuscripts in 2018 and was also selected as a finalist in 2018 The Literary Consultancy Pen Factor competition. Abi lives in Essex with her husband and two daughters, who inspired her to write her debut novel.


Adunni’s mother, always advice her to speak her mind and be vocal for her future and needs. But despite, her father sold her as a third wife of a local older man in return for the community money. Addunni left with no option but to marry a man of her father’s age who is already married to 2 more women and had four daughters. She has to marry the older man because he wants an heir to his family.

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Seychelles- A perfect destination for Honeymooners, Families with kids

Seychelles is a heaven on the earth surrounded by the lovely white sand beaches, Lagoons, Coconut trees, and sun. Indian families staying in the Middle East, Seychelles is one of the exotic destinations due to various reasons. Firstly, Its not that far, only a 4-5 hours flight away from Dubai. Secondly, it has a visa on arrival for Indian passport holders, and thirdly, it is a perfect place for both the Families and the Honeymooners. Seychelles Holidays is a costly but like a dream come true. People choose it as it is known as an expensive romantic destination and a favorite honeymoon hideaway of royalties and celebrities. 

Seychelles, a perfect destination for Honeymooner and the families. It has Sand, Beaches, Trees and Sea.
Seychelles, a perfect destination for Honeymooner and the families

Luckily we got a deal from a good tour company for both Resort and Flight for our Seychelles Holidays. So, let’s explore the paradise with me through my experience. We took the early morning flight, and the reason behind that we can check in Hotel or Resorts around 9 – 10 A.M. Later, we will get a whole day to plan our Itinerary for the rest of the trip, and we can comfortably relax and get ready for the next day with new energy and good vibes.

When to visit Seychelles

The most favorable time to visit Seychelles in April, May, October, and November. Rain, sometimes frequent December-February. During the drier months between May and September, the southeast trade winds can bring breezy comfort, but will also mean rougher sea.

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