5 Nice things to do when you get work from home due to CoronaVirus

Nowadays, it seems like we are living in a “different world” due to the outbreak of CoronaVirus (Covid-19). For time being, several countries are imposing the policies not to use the restaurants, cinemas, not even gym and swimming pool; Schools are closed, e-learning is promoted, malls & markets are almost empty. People are scared, and everyone is taking all the serious precautions. While the corporate world is encouraging WFH (Work from home) to fight the Corona-crisis, this is the time to think over that “how one should effectively use the work from home”. Few people are already used to WFH, whereas many are still adjusting to this new atmosphere and Work from home culture.

one can save nearly 20% extra time of “Effective Office hours (let’s assume that we start getting ready for office at 07:30 AM, start driving at 08:00 AM – reach office at 08:30 AM, work until 05:00 PM then reach back home around 06:00 PM). This means around 11 hours when going to office vs. 08 hours when you do WFH (Work from Home).  Females may take a little longer to get ready 😊.

Young woman working from home

I think after finishing all our tasks, meetings, and project, we still left with some extra time, which we can utilize when we are working from home. We all are mature enough to understand the practicality of our work and try never to take it for granted. In the “Work from home” facility, It is essential to focus on your work and your assignments. You can look for the positive side and keep calm. Manage your time wisely and cherish the other happiness of life. After all, we are working on getting other things in life.

By the way, I am more keen to share the top 5 tips which you can use effectively to benefit from these extra saved hours to be more joyful and healthy:

Give time to your health:

As you are saving some time for yourself, then why not utilize it in the right way on your health. 30 minutes per day is sufficient to do any form of exercise you wish. You can go to the gym or do yoga, or a brisk walk will also do wonders.

Take out time for your health. Do yoga, go to gym or any workout of your choice
Take out time for your health. Do yoga, go to gym or any workout of your choice

Spend time on self evaluation :

When life runs at a fast pace, we generally follow the same routine, and there is no space for self-evaluation and introspection. Now, as we get a chance to slow down a bit, we can see it as an opportunity. Sit, relax, and think about your life goals. Several times we think that we will do something extra when weekend will come. So, now the time is there which you have saved for yourself. Evaluate your life goals and try to make a blueprint which you can follow simultaneously.

Read the books :

Reading is always amazing, informative and knowledgeable. It happens several times that we see a book always wanted to read it, but due to all the work engagements and family, we don’t get enough time to learn something of our choice. Get some great books of interest, and try to read it thoroughly.

Woman reading a book

Spend quality time with your loved ones :

Due to our busy working hours, tours and travels, we sometimes ignore the communication with our loved ones. Hectic work schedules, traveling, long meetings become a fundamental part of our lives, and we sometimes forget the importance of the people around us. Due to Coronavirus, I would say when we got this work from home, surround ourselves with our loved ones, and communication becomes more frequent and comfortable with them. Accept this opportunity and cherish these moments. Take your kids out for a walk, play with them, spend some quality time as a couple.

Take out time for your Interests :

Everyone has some hidden passion or an interest in them. Take out time for your attention. Be a chef if you love to cook; be a writer if your like to write, teach your kids new things, do gardening.

Again, not to mention the common subject about mix-up of professional & personal which people know very well in today’s professional world, still key considerations below which we should follow:

  • e-socialize: Share stories, make fun – substitute to what we do when we are in office.
  • Interact more: Instead of emails, interact more, prefer Video calls.
  • be more attentive: be online while you are working and attentive to your colleagues.
  • be pro-active in reporting.
  • setup conference calls with your customer and colleagues.
  • create regular reports.

WHO has declared the Corona Virus a Pandemic disease. It is a tough time for everyone. But we should not panic instead focus on the safety and precautions for our families and friends. Work from the home facility is essential to focus on your work and your assignments. You can look for the positives and keep calm. Manage your time wisely and cherish the other happiness of life. This time will pass soon.

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