About this Woman

Thank you for choosing my Blog. I am Priyanka Sengar, (an IIM and Kellogg school of management,s Alumni) from India, currently settled in Dubai, working for a Fintech MNC. I’m born & brought up in Rajasthan (the most famous destination wedding place for many celebrities in India).

Being the daughter of the defense person (Dad) and the lecturer(Mom), I don’t think that I need to explain why I am so disciplined and dedicated towards the people around me & my life. My hobbies are traveling, reading, writing, sports, dancing, and yoga to keep myself and others fit and healthy!
After completing graduation and MBA, I got a job in Delhi, for which I had to move to the capital of India (Delhi) – a new phase of life!

After completing graduation and MBA, I got a job in Delhi, for which I had to move to the capital of India (Delhi) – a new phase of life!

First job, first experience with loads of nervousness and apprehensions away from friends and family, but I started to stand on my feet with day to day challenges and Juggling.

Sales, Marketing, and Business Development always excite me as I still love to meet people and like to talk to them. Although a lot of challenges are associated with it being a female Salesperson, you know what challenges boost my courage. Sales allowed me to travel around the world, and it slowly developed as a passion. In the mornings, I keep myself busy with the meetings, but in the evenings, I don’t miss any opportunity to explore the place and local food.

My very first solo trip was to the city of films, Mumbai, in 2009. You all can understand the excitement and joy of it. I was innocent enough who thought to get a click with Shahrukh Khan. But alas, nothing like that happened but enjoyed the Local train ride, Vada Pav from Ashok stall, Amul Pav bhaji from Sardar. I couldn’t imagine the best place to visit that time as it was my first experience. There I got bitten by the bug of traveling and exploring new places from there onward, no stopping and looking back.

Several moments came when circumstances forced me to quit my Sales and Marketing job, but I gathered my courage and confidence again and moved on. Life is not simple when you have to deal with different people with different mindsets.

Finland was my first International trip, and it was from my office only. I was super excited about my international flight, food, and weather. After this, I visited so many beautiful destinations.

Luckily, I got a partner who is as crazy as me for Travelling, food, and various explorations in life. Now, he is my travel buddy, my foodie friend, my partner in crime, Love, and sadness. He only insisted me to write about my experiences. Because it is not easy for a woman to handle everything alone, you need a support system, and he is one of that, and let me tell you to provide support in Photography and the technical issues of the blog as well. 🙂

Eiffel Tower, Paris

For a woman to get support from the family is extremely important. She can win half of the battle to manage her home and profession if she gets help from her family.

I am a proud mother of 2 kids( 7 years old daughter and 1 year old son), my daughter is also a travel addict like her parents. She made her first long 12 hours journey when she was just 15 days old. I will not say it is easy to travel with a child but needs a lot of preparation and patience, but in the end, the memories and the moments you all spend together are worth all the planning, hassles, and developments. I traveled so many exciting places with my daughters like Singapore, Andaman and Nicobar, Seychelles, Jaipur, Udaipur, Dubai, Jaiselmer, Jodhpur, Mumbai, and many more to come.

My road trip with my little Munchkin to Uttrakhand (India) when she was 3

I don’t want to stop myself from my passion for exploring new things in life just because I am married & I have a child, whereas, to me, they are my strength and make me stronger to take new challenges!

I Have other feathers in my cap as well….

I am a trained Yoga enthusiast, You-tuber, Photographer, Philanthropist, foodie…..and a Mommy 🙂

Yoga and Meditation at the beach side in the woods

I have chosen this platform to get connected with like-minded people and to exchange my views over Parenting, womanhood, Travelling, and health and food.

I want to get associated as a Blogger (Travel, Parenting, Books, Reviews and Health), Social Media Marketer, Products & Place Reviewer, and Writer:

  • I write about my experiences of the Products, Hotels and destinations
  • I write about my Reviews and experiences about parenting and the kid’s products
  • I write for the Blogs, Publications, News Papers, Guide Books/Coffee table books, Hotels & Restaurants, Newspapers.
  • Travel Contests
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  • I write about Health (Yoga and Meditation)

Thank you. Loads of Love to all the readers….. 🙂