Sauce – An American diner giving 1950’s vibes in 2021?

Ever thought of teleportation while staying in Dubai to a 1950’s American restaurant. Sounds fascinating and exciting to our taste buds.

Sauce, is of its kind a newly opened American diner based on the 1950’s era. Situated at the wonderful location of Al Habtoor city near Hotel V has its unique concept and interior. When you will reach the place you will be amazed to see the waitresses dressed up in cute Red and Turquoise retro dresses. The Interior looks super cozy and comfy with the floor in black and white stripes.

Lovely wall art at the entrance of Sauce

This post will not be complete if I will not mention the desserts which give a great sense of old American water watering options. American cheesecake, apple pie, peach cobbler, and banana split are amazing options. This post will not be complete if I will not mention the desserts which give a great sense of old American water watering options. American cheesecake, apple pie, peach cobbler, and banana split are amazing options.

Try out Sauce at AL Habtoor city. To know more about it watch the reel

Few great features of this Restaurants:

  • The Great value for money menu makes you nostalgic with its Salads, Hotdogs, Sandwiches, Slides, Pizza, Ice creams, and Shakes.
  • One plate of hotdog comes with 2 sets of french fries with drinks that can be easily shared by 2 people.
  • They have pet-friendly outdoor which will give you a sitting area for smoking as well.
  • This home-grown first of its kind of restaurant in Business bay offers various varieties of Mocktails and Shakes.
  • Hotdogs, Bread & Mac cheeses are fast-moving and amazingly delicious items.
  • Sauce has a variety of 20 different sauces created by their own chef with a twist in taste such as black Mamba, Tahini mustard, blue cheese Mayo, Garlic & onion sauce.
  • They accept all Debit cards and credit cards.
  • Al Habtoor residents can avail of 10% discounts on the bill.
  • They have a variety for health-conscious people as well such as Grill steak, Grill salmon, etc.
Cotton Candy Shake at Sauce

You can plan your quick lunch or dinner here with your best buddies. Don’t worry if you have kids, they have great options under the kids’ menu as well. So, in total it is a family’s quick bites place where you can go even in your pajamas and after meal take a nice evening walk by the side of the canal and enjoy the night view of the Habtoor city.

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Have you visited “Saya Brasserie Cafe” – A Pretty Pink Paradise.

UAE is doing wonders in terms of controlling the covid and the vaccination execution for the residents. Almost everything is open but with all the required precautions of wearing masks and distancing. During a pandemic, we didn’t step out for any outside eating or gathering due to various reasons including young kids at home.

This weekend we decided to go out for some quick bite but none of us wanted to go to any of the places we visited earlier. We were looking for something cozy, near to our place and of course good food and delicious desserts. I heard about Saya Brasserie Cafe a lot but never got a chance to visit it. Earlier we were new to Dubai, so it was a settling period and then Pandemic. So, the venue was decided and it took us less than 10 mins to reach that place from my place.

Getting parking near the Saya Brasserie Cafe was easy but unexpectedly Cafe was not empty. We entered the place and the first reaction of my husband was “OMG, it is overly cute, am I allowed, or is it only for ladies?”. My reaction was wow I can click many pictures for my Instagram :-). Yes, it was Cute, Sassy, Pretty, and Pink all over everywhere. The whole place is picture-perfect for Instagram.

This is one of the portion at Saya Brasserie Cafe
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“Benjarong – Dusit Thani Dubai” A perfect place to satisfy your Thai food craving.

I think weekends are the best to explore new place and food. In search of a great Thai food, google took us to Benjarong- Dusit Thani for Friday Brunch.

What attracts us the most was its lovely location with the great view. Benjarong is Positioned at the 24th Floor of Dusit Thani Dubai. It is an award winning Thai restaurant which serves royal flavors and aromas of Royal Thai cuisine. The restaurant’s royal interior resembles the imperial dining halls of some kingdom of the ancient time. The great Thai music add more charm and authenticity to the ambiance. They have a buffet are as well outside the restaurant which is also very lively. When you will take your seat in the restaurant you will feel as if you are in Thailand with all those authentic aromas, ambiance, and music and off course food.

The hospitality was great just like the ambiance. We decided to order through the menu. We ordered few Vegetarian delicacies and trust me they all were amazing and mouthwatering delicious. The staff was courteous enough and explained about all the dishes in the menu. They customized few of the dishes as per our taste and choice. Appetizers were amazing and delicious. We wnt so over the board that ordered both “Gaeng Kiew Wan (Green Thai Curry with loads of veggies) and Gaeng Phed (Red Thai Curry).” Those were mouthwatering and the best part that we got them as per our choices. We tasted the best “Khao Neaw Mamaung” Sticky rice with coconut cream and ripe mango.

Average Cost: Approx. AED 425 for two people (Non Veg Food). AED 300 for two people (Veg Food). They accept both cash and cards. They have Zomato gold and Entertainer offers as well.


“MyGovinda’s”- A perfect destination for Satvik Vegetarian food in Dubai

I recently visited a place called @mygovindas for my quick dinner. I thought it would be a typical Vegetarian restaurant, but actually, I was super wrong.

MyGovinda’s is fantastic in terms of ambiance and staff services.
The food was super delicious. You will each and everything which you will think that can’t be done without onion and garlic, but let me correct you. Every bite of the food was delicious and filling. You will see the frames and statues of Radha and Krishna around, which make the dining experience more lively and meaningful. The background music will give you a feel of an ISKCON Temple.

When you park your car outside the restaurant, you will find a fridge that is for the people who can not afford to buy the food. The staff is very caring and supportive of the service. My Govinda’s in Karama, Dubai, is a perfect place for the quiet, happy place for lunch/dinner with the family. Very much near from the Burjuman Metro station.

Recommend it to all vegetarian food lovers. Just go and try once.