How Females can cure stress and improve posture with Yoga

Stress has become an integral part of our lives these days but life will indeed be a fantastic journey if we positively take charge of our health. So, you can do various things starting from Yoga, Meditation, Prayanama, Gym, and a healthy lifestyle.

During ancient times people used to give loads of emphasis on Yoga and meditation, but nowadays they want quick results with Gym and HIIT Trainings. Yoga is not gender-specific; it is for both males and females, but few specific poses will give extraordinary results to females.

Every day they juggling between the family and the work. Running after the kids, preparing the meals, to-do list, activities for the kids, and so many never-ending tasks left them with no energy but stress only.

Being a mother of a kid, I would highly recommend you take care of yourself because if we are not fit and active, then who will take care of the family and the children. I find Yoga and Meditation as my best pals for stress relief.

Try to take out time from your busy schedule, and Yoga will be the easiest and less time-consuming option for you. Firstly, yoga gives flexibility and balance by strengthening the muscles and stretching tight ones. Secondly, meditation helps in reducing stress and brings more calmness to your mind and nerves.

Therefore, I will share the details of a few Yoga poses which will help you reduce the day to day stress, revive your senses and provides you flexibility and strength.

Bow Pose or Dhanurasana

I am performing Bow pose or Dhanurasan yoga for the posture and digestion
I am performing Bow pose or Dhanurasan yoga for the posture and digestion

Bow Pose, or Dhanurasana, comes under Hatha yoga and is a great spinal cord, heart, Thigh, and Abdomen. This yoga pose is very useful for the entire front body and improves posture. In addition to this, it is very much effective for digestion, and the nervous system.

Camel Pose or Ustrasana

Females can cure stress and improve posture with Yoga and Meditation
I am practicing the “Camel Pose” for the perfect posture

Camel pose is also known as Ustrasana yoga. This pose is highly beneficial to the people who have a desk job and has to work o laptops and computers for long hours. Certainly, it is very good for posture improvement, shoulders and back. It helps to reduce the fat on the thighs and amazingly improve digestion and elimination.

Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

Cobra pose or Bhujangasana yoga for the improvement in posture and reduction in the stress
Cobra pose for the improvement in posture and reduction in the stress

Bhujangasana or Cobra pose is one of the easiest ones with several benefits. It is great for your back of course but along with it if good for your facial muscles and the posture as well.

Child Pose or Bālāsana

I would say this one is straightforward and very relaxing. This yoga Pose helps to reduce the stress along with the stretching of the hips, thighs, and ankles. It relaxes the muscles and reduces fatigue.

Tree Pose or Vrikshasana

Women doing Tree pose: A effective yoga pose for the whole body and stress management
Women doing Tree pose: A effective yoga pose for the whole body and stress management.

Tree Pose helps to Strengthens the legs, thighs, hips and the spine. It is very effective for the correction of the posture and off course reduces the stress.

Bridge Pose or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Woman performing Bridge pose or Setubandh asana
Woman performing Bridge pose or Setubandh asana

Bridge Pose, or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, or you can call it shoulder supporting yoga pose. This yoga pose is beneficial to strengthen the lower body while it opens the spine and neck. It opens the chest, heart, and hip flexors. It is sufficient for posture correction as well as Calms the body, alleviates stress, and mild depression. There are only a few yoga poses, which helps to reduce the thyroids, and it is one of them. One should be careful while performing this pose as it may cause neck injury as well if not performed in the right manner.

Wheel Pose or Chakrasana

I am practicing Wheel pose or Chakrasana yoga
I am practicing Wheel pose or Chakrasana yoga

Wheel pose or Chakrasana or Urdhva Dhanurasana is a fantastic yoga pose for Females. So, it comes under the advance forms of Ashtanga yoga. It Strengthens arms, shoulders, hands, wrists, and legs. Besides, this yoga pose is impressive for flexibility and stretches the whole body beautifully. This one is a beautiful pose for women for infertility, asthma, and osteoporosis.

Nowadays, due to Coveid19 most of the working females can work from home and in that way hey can save a little extra time for themselves. I completely relate to the situation when you have kids around and a husband to look after. However, It is sometimes not easy to take out time for our priorities but to look after your family, and you have to first take care of yourself. 

You only need a water bottle and a mat to begin your yoga regime in comfortable clothes. Above all, no special instructions required, and any person can do it with little care and understanding of the poses.

For instance, take out some time for yourself and ask help from husband or anyone in the home to get 30mins for yourself. In short, once you will include Yoga and Meditation in your life, it will become an essential part. Yoga helps to reduce stress but a great way to feel light and healthy. No matter what, you will not be able to leave it or forget it in your life. Likewise, you can do it with your kids as well as it is beneficial for there development as well. Therefore, give a few minutes to yourself and see the change in your life. 


12 thoughts on “How Females can cure stress and improve posture with Yoga

  1. This blog post is informative and these asanas definitely help in adding the flexibility to the body. Your posture is amazing.

  2. I completely agree with you. Ive seen Mom doing Yoga religiously for the past couple of years now, and it has really helped her. Stress wise whatever the Yoga reduces, we managed to neutralise it 😜 (read – me and my brother)

  3. Yoga is a discipline that has so many benefits for the body, mind, and soul. It is indeed a great stress buster and therapeutic in nature. These are some really great Yoga asanas with all round benefit, and best part is Yoga practice does not need any equipment or frills.

  4. Tried a couple of these today. My body isn’t as flexible as your and it did pain! But with daily practice I think I am gonna get there! Thanks for sharing

  5. Yoga poses and practices are really important for women like us who either a housewife or a working professional. Its very important to take care of the health and maintain a balanced life schedule to reduce stress and illness

  6. Seeing your post made me realise how much I miss yoga. I was religiously doing 30 minutes yoga everyday till my motivation went completely down. Reading your post makes me think how necessary it is for me and for my fitness. I will start practicing again, especially the aasanas that you mention.

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