Is it a Self defense of Mother Nature or Lesson to Human beings?

“Humans, don’t you think you are living in a different world? Don’t you see that water, Air, and Sky is more beautiful than ever before? Now Human is caged, and Wildlife is moving on the roads freely.

Human beings were so relaxed and ignorant a few months back. We used to travel for vacations; the Economy was booming; We were spending fuel, water, and electricity without even thinking about our future generation.

Race, race, and only race….. It has become the ultimate goal of our life to succeed in all the parameters. We always run to succeed in our goals, career, personal and professional lives no matter where it takes us at the end. Certainly, we always believe in getting or taking everything from Nature without even thinking a single time about returning back. However, It’s bad that we never understood our responsibility – the bitter truth is that we have been extremely SELFISH! And we are still SELFISH.

We are encompassed in a small cabin / four-wall home, and just looking left right and comparing ourselves and be sad/ happy, that’s again nature’s creation. We, as human beings should think further and bigger about what is needed for the world, not just about a place surrounded by four walls!

Humans cut so many trees and forests to adjust ourselves In the existing environment and make way for a town. So, imagine if there is no forest, then life will also deplete. We are also rapidly changing the environment by adding too much waste to it in various forms. I don’t want to comment on any one’s eating habit that entirely a personal choice, but what if we purposefully destroying the ecosystem by killing the animals without even thinking about the aftermath of all these. During our school and college, we studied how plants, animals, and birds are dependent on each for the smooth functioning of our Nature.

Meanwhile, various proofs of our unmanageable impact on the environment are emerging. Global warming is increasing every year on the alarming ratio and the climate-related disasters causing damages worldwide.

Now nature took a rest and stopped everyone to heal its soul and body. In the form of this new virus in the environment, channelized our thought process towards everything, whatever we ignored due to our busy life. Now Human realized that no technology, money, or self-sufficiency could play with the act of nature.

Beautiful view of arabian sea along with Abu Dhabi skyscrapers

We all Human beings took our Nature so granted that it decided to stop everything, and it happened in the form of a virus in the World. We called it COVID 19 but for Nature, it is an option to create a setback. Every part of the World is facing lockdown and zero movements. I would like to thank all the community helpers for risking there lives during the pandemic time and help the people selflessly. School colleges are closed, People are working from home, social distancing has introduced. Directly or indirectly, Human beings are helping Nature to heal on their peace but at the cost of their development.

Barmouth Railway Bridge; Wales; UK

All of a sudden, there has been a pause button clicked in our lives, all the commercial buildings are vacant now, people are coming back to the home, less going out, No Parties. All the time is for families without meeting. We are showing more care and concerns. We didn’t give back good things to nature, and here it is what we have today we named as COVID-19, see this is what we say, ‘What goes around, comes around’.

I am sure mother nature is thanking all of us for less polluting Nature directly or indirectly. Therefore, its time for us to sit back, relax and think about how we Humans are affecting Nature and what best we can do to conserve it so that it will not hit again to snatch its space. After all, we have to think about the coming generation as well. 

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11 thoughts on “Is it a Self defense of Mother Nature or Lesson to Human beings?

  1. I think its a mix of both. It was long time coming and if we don’t learn from this, it’s gonna keep happening.

    1. This is the time when we can rethink on our actions once again. Mother nature already is giving us so many vibes to correct our steps. This is the serious time to learn how to respect and protect the nature too.

  2. This is a wonderful introspective article, which forces us to think. Indeed mother nature has played its role.

  3. I think this stop was needed, we were definitely abusing the Mother Earth and we had taken everything for advantage. But however now when I see so many people dying, it breaks my heart. Hope things do get back soon and hope we do learn from our mistakes and care about our environment.

  4. Yes we need to learn a lot from this current situation. Nature takes back world’s empty city streets. This Pandemic gives control back into nature’s hands. And I am totally agree on this “What goes around, comes around”.

  5. Yes we are indeed at a pause now. And Nature is healing in the meantime. The changes are seen and felt. But it is also true that countless lives have been lost and getting back to normal won’t be easy this time.

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