Seychelles- A perfect destination for Honeymooners, Families with kids

Seychelles is a heaven on the earth surrounded by the lovely white sand beaches, Lagoons, Coconut trees, and sun. Indian families staying in the Middle East, Seychelles is one of the exotic destinations due to various reasons. Firstly, Its not that far, only a 4-5 hours flight away from Dubai. Secondly, it has a visa on arrival for Indian passport holders, and thirdly, it is a perfect place for both the Families and the Honeymooners. Seychelles Holidays is a costly but like a dream come true. People choose it as it is known as an expensive romantic destination and a favorite honeymoon hideaway of royalties and celebrities. 

Seychelles, a perfect destination for Honeymooner and the families. It has Sand, Beaches, Trees and Sea.
Seychelles, a perfect destination for Honeymooner and the families

Luckily we got a deal from a good tour company for both Resort and Flight for our Seychelles Holidays. So, let’s explore the paradise with me through my experience. We took the early morning flight, and the reason behind that we can check in Hotel or Resorts around 9 – 10 A.M. Later, we will get a whole day to plan our Itinerary for the rest of the trip, and we can comfortably relax and get ready for the next day with new energy and good vibes.

When to visit Seychelles

The most favorable time to visit Seychelles in April, May, October, and November. Rain, sometimes frequent December-February. During the drier months between May and September, the southeast trade winds can bring breezy comfort, but will also mean rougher sea.

What all to Visit

Day 1 Reaching Seychelles (Victoria Airport): I am sure continuously sitting in a flight for 4-5 hours makes kids Anxious and excited both. The best idea is to directly check into your pre-booked hotel or resort to unwind for the day. Victoria is the capital of Seychelles and has a well connecting airport for the various flights from the major countries. From Victoria, you can quickly get a Cab, Taxis, and buses, which will take approx 30 -45 minutes to reach Mahe Island. You can explore the local beauty and do photoshoots while driving from the Airport to the Resort. My recommendation is if you are traveling with kids, prefer to check-in some good resort in Mahe Island itself first.

Later, from there, you can explore Islands as per your schedule why I am saying this because if you go to other islands, you have to take either Ferry ride or flights, which may be a bit hectic at some point if you are traveling back to back. There are different time slots for the Ferry rides as well, so we have to be sure before booking any further exertion to the other islands. Once you check in to the Hotel or Resort, have your Lunch and unwind yourself. All the tours start early in the morning as most of the ferries leave early morning to the various Islands. So, it will be great once you take enough rest you can plan your next day and pack for the upcoming day tour to your desired Island.

Kids Enjoying the evening in the Resort

Day 2 & 3 Praslin Island: You have to start your day early morning if you don’t want to miss your scheduled Ferry ride to Praslin. I would advise you to book the ferry always in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle. Finish your breakfast and pack your stuff for the necessities like clothes, snacks, water, sunscreen, hats, towels, medicines, and a handy backpack. The approximate time to reach Praslin is 60 – 80 minutes. All the ferries have basic amenities like washrooms, Snacks bar, and water. 

A view from the Ferry near Praslin Island

Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve (1:00 P. M. – 3:00 P.M.) – Vallée de Mai Natural Reserve Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is consists of a highly preserved five endemic palm forests, exotic species made up of the island endemic coco de Mer. , as well as five other endemic palms. Visiting this place with your family will be a fantastic experience for you all.

Vallee de Mai Natural Reserve, Praslin panoramic view of palm forest, Seychelles.

Anse Lazio (4:30 P.M-Late Evening): It is one of the picturesque beaches in the world. This beach with turquoise water and white sand is fantastic for water sports especially Snorkeling. This beach is not connected with any Resort so effortless for the tourist to park the vehicles and enter the beach. Nicely maintained, and I can bet an excellent place for families to relax and kids to make sandcastles. Hence, after all the beach fun, SPORTS activities, and Dinner move towards your booked Hotel or Resort and relax for the day as the other day is going to bring new beauty and experiences in your life.

Enjoying Water Sports
Anse Lazio beach at Praslin island, Seychelles

Anse Georgette (7:30 A.M. – 9:30): Leave your place after having an excellent quick breakfast with high energy and enthusiasm for the new adventure. Above all, it is a small, serene, and the most beautiful beach on Praslin Island. From here, after having your lunch in the nearby beachside restaurant, we can move towards the Ferry point for our return journey to La Digue Island.

Anse Georgette, Seychelles
Anse Georgette, Seychelles

Day 4 and 5 La Digue Island and return to Mahe: Inter-Island Ferry operates daily from Baie Sainte Anne on Praslin’s east coast to the jetty in La Passe on La Digue. It will take 15-20 minutes only to reach your destination. Two companies are offering regular service – Cat Cocos, and the Inter-Island Ferry  The two main beaches are spectacular in the view here one is the Grand Anse, and the other is Anse Marron. So, the best fun part for the Honeymooners, Kids, and Families is that this beach is accessible by very few vehicles, and most of the most time, you will find bicycles and carts only. You will feel heavenly and profoundly relaxed with the ambiance and the aura.

View over beautiful Seychelles islands tropical beach, Anse Lazio Praslin, blue ocean, clear sky, rocks
View over beautiful Seychelles islands tropical beach, Anse Lazio Praslin, blue ocean, clear sky, rocks
A perfect evening view of the wind mills, clouds and water
A perfect evening view of the wind mills, clouds and water

Similarly, one more beach is there, which has the most visitors lists, is a visit to Anse Source D’Argent. Honeymooners can click several pics for their memories. This beach at the south end of the island, which has an excellent granite rock formation surrounded by palm trees, turquoise waters, and pale white sand. So, enjoy the lovely sunset or sunrise with your loved ones close to you could be the best moment for anyone’s life. The best part is that these beaches are surrounded by the little plantation spots, which are good for the kids and adults to explore and learn. While you were busy exploring the beach on bicycles, you may catch sight of flycatcher a very rare and native species of a bird to La Digue. La Digue provides excellent access to a range of fantastic dive sites, including the iconic White Bank. Snorkeling is also top-notch.

A view of the full of fishes when boarded the ferry from La Digue to Mahe Island, Seychelles
A view of the full of fishes when boarded the ferry from La Digue to Mahe Island, Seychelles

Day 6 Victoria city tour: You can take a little break from beach life and explore the city for a day during your Seychelles Holidays. Victoria is the capital of Seychelles and one of the beautiful busy beach cities. Enjoy the walk around the local market, where stalls display fruit, vegetables, fish, and enjoy the local cuisine. Tourists can buy souvenirs and local goodies for the gifting purpose. The central market is just 10 km away from Mahe Island.

A road towards Victoria City, Seychelles

Day 7 Moyenne Island and Return to your Home: Moyenne Island is a small not so famous but quite a beauty. If you didn’t get a chance to explore Turtle Island in La Digue, then it is the best place for Kids and Family. You can reach here directly by the Ferry in 45 minutes. It is the one Island which is less commercial and can be easily accessible. You can see the beach, Flora and fauna, and the Turtle feeding at the same time on this Island. It will be worth visiting this Island full of turtles roaming freely without any barriers and boundaries. So, after coming back to your Hotel or Resort check out and head towards the Seychelles Airport.

A Kid playing with Giant Turtle at Moyenne Island Seychelles
A Kid playing with Giant Turtle at Moyenne Island Seychelles
Moyenne Island. A dog enjoying water sports
Moyenne Island. A dog enjoying water sports
Giant Turtle family at Moyenne Island at Seychelles. Best place for Families and kids
Giant Turtle family at Moyenne Island at Seychelles. Best place for Families and kids

In the end, I am sure the end of the Seychelles Holidays will make you a bit sad but fill you with new energy and several wonderful memories with Family and Kids. Indeed, this escape from the city, the s hustle and bustle will revive your senses.

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  1. Seyshelles is truly a dream destination! The place is so beautiful. I loved the pictures of the gorgeous beaches. Thanks for sharing this cool itinerary.

  2. Seychelles has been on the bucket list for long! Its a dream destination I must say. Do you think it is safe for solo female traveller? Hope to take a trip there soon!

  3. Waiting for covid security measures to be in place soncan travel again… adding to my wishlist

  4. I wanted to visit Seychelles last year but could not for some reason. How I wish I had! I don’t know when I will get the chance next. You pictures are making me regret of not going even more. This is a very detailed guide and I will keep this bookmarked so I can use it when I do plan to go there.

  5. Indeed! Looks like Seychelles is beautiful place to visit with friends, family and of-course for couples. You captured some amazing pictures. Would love to visit Seychelles one day for sure.

  6. Seychelles. I came across the name in a travel promotion on lonely Planet magazine. I fell in love with the place right away. Would definitely love to visit it. Thanks for the itinerary ❤d it.

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