Onyx Mineral Infused Pillowcases

Like every day, today as well, I started repeating my affirmations in front of the mirror. I am abundant, I am confident, I am beautiful…. the moment I said those words, I noticed that there is a change in my skin texture today. I can feel the glow and radiance on my face. But what did I do special for this drastic change in my skin texture? Besides getting a new Onyx Radiance pillowcase, I haven’t done anything different for myself in the past one month.

Come on, how can an ordinary-looking white pillow cover change the complete skin health of my face? But what if it is a reality?

They mentioned it, but I didn’t trust them instead I bought the pillowcase for myself to prove them wrong or maybe to do the reality check with my own eyes.

Well, I am a new fan of this Onyx Radiance in the town, and I love this notion of a fangirl about this product. So, when I learned about this product, I studied its technology to know more about it before buying it.

The ONYX Radiance is recognized for its luxurious and innovative pillowcases that deliver a gentle yet effective facial treatment to the skin and scalp. ONYX draws on ancient wisdom and natural resources to create the most effective cosmetic linen, extracting beauty secrets from the earth itself.

ONYX has an incredible range of products such as Pillowcase, Mask, Headwrap, Therapuetic Zinc shirt and many more.

I want to talk more about their magical pillowcases here. It is made from 100% Egyptian combed cotton sateen; these 500 threads count antibacterial pillowcase is enriched with silver ions which contribute to skin rejuvenation. Yes, you read it correctly they have this special element in their pillowcases. (It blew my mind 😊).

Under the range of Pillowcases they have two varieties: Lunar beauty Pillow case; and Zinc infused pillowcases. They use Natural and Therapeutic Minerals such as Zinc & Silver Ions that are embedded in their products, aiding significantly in various skin concerns and overall well-being.

They are most recognized for their luxurious and innovative pillowcases that deliver a gentle yet effective facial treatment to the skin and scalp.

With the mineral’s properties, the pillowcases aid in skin rejuvenation, promote anti-aging & firmness of the skin, even skin tone/texture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and treat various skin conditions (acne, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis, eczema, and dandruff). The luxurious 100% elite cotton pillowcases also promote overall wellness allowing for a more peaceful sleep and helping symptoms of allergies, migraines, hot flashes, hair loss, etc.

ONYX’s products are anti-bacterial, assisting you to cleanse your facial skin and purify your sleeping environment from harmful bacteria. Thus, contributing to a calmer, and more peaceful beauty sleep.

I tried Lunar Beauty Pillowcase which helped my skin look revitalized and vibrant due to the minerals that have been carefully embedded in its fabric. The Onyx Lunar Beauty Silver-ion pillowcase has been specially embedded with the silver-ion technology. The luxurious OEKO-tex standard100 approved fabric allows for the silver-ions to promote rejuvenation and evening of skin tone. Plus, the unique silver-ions support a clean and anti-bacterial sleep environment, thus contributing to better breathing throughout the night and perfect for anyone suffering from allergies.


Cover a regular bed pillow and wash regularly. Machine wash cold. Gentle cycle. Do not use softener. Lay flat to dry. Visible results can be expected after a few weeks of daily use.

I am planning to buy few more items which I can gift it to my mom, and I am sure she is going to love it. You can directly place an order on their website, or you send an email as well.

Website: https://onyxradiance.com

Contact email: info@onyxradiance.com

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